Your First One-to-Many Gratavid Campaign

Tips and tricks for sending out your first bulk send

Brittany Nardi
December 8, 2022 · 20 min read
Your First One-to-Many Gratavid Campaign

You’ve just recently signed up for Gratavid, and now it’s time to send out your first one-to-many Gratavid campaign. I know hearing the words “many” may make you freak out a bit inside, but this just means that you are going to send out a more generic video to a larger group of people in your contacts. Don’t fret, we have uploaded screenshots as well as how-to videos below to make this process a breeze.

For this article, we're going to focus on sending out a mass video to your contacts. This could be a company update, information about an upcoming event or campaign, or a general thank you to every donor who donated to a campaign. If you want to send a more personalized video to a list of people, then check out Your First One-to-One Gratavid Campaign. 

Alright, let’s go!

Step 1: Login

Go to and click login in the upper right-hand corner.


Step 2: Upload Contacts

Watch the video below to see us walk through this step.

Click the contacts section on the left-hand side. Once you are on the contacts page, click the + button in the upper right corner to add new contacts to your Gratavid account.


Once you click the + button, it will bring you to this page. You can either add them in 1 at a time, or you can bulk upload them through a CSV file. Just make sure bulk upload CSV is selected if you choose to upload multiple contacts at one time.

Contacts Page

If you don’t already have a CSV file template, you can download the template located on the bottom next to add your file. If you already have a CSV file, you can upload it here instead of downloading our template.

To make it easier, we imported the template to Google sheets to demonstrate what the template will look like once downloaded.

Google sheets contacts

Now fill in each cell with information about your donors and save it as a CSV file. Email is required, but first name and last name are recommended. The rest are completely optional. If you do choose to include the customer user ID, this is just the CRM ID. For example, it is the contact ID in Salesforce or the constituent ID in Blackbaud. This makes it easy to know where to save data back into your CRM if you have the integration. Once you have everything filled out, click file and then download it as a CSV.

contacts filled in

Go back to your Gratavid account and upload your CSV file now that you have it filled out.

upload contact file

You can then go and preview each section to ensure it is correct. If you uploaded your own CSV file and didn’t use our template, make sure to map each column. Each checkbox will be green when mapped correctly. If you downloaded the template, it will automatically match itself. Just make sure that the cells you filled out are mapped. The ones that you didn’t fill in can just be mapped to do not upload.

Once you have finished mapping each section, click next.

mapping check marks
mapping do not upload

Here you can add those contacts to a list. This list could be “major donors” or “annual fund donors” or “top donors”. Whichever label you would like. These help to organize your contacts. Once you have labeled them to a list, you can click upload. 

contact list

Then click the green button which will bring you back to the main contacts page where all of your contacts from the CSV file will be located.

all contacts

Step 3: Create Note 

Watch the video below to see us walk through this step.

Notes act as 2 things: 1.) bulk sends and 2.) as a template. For this article, we are going to be focusing on using the note to send out in bulk.

Think of the note almost as a Constant Contact or Mailchimp. You are just building out each piece as you go along. Essentially it’s building out a campaign, but with video(s).

notes section

Click the + button to create a new note. You can label the note whatever you would like to. For example, you can label it “Annual Fund Update.” Once you have named it, click create note. Another great way to use the notes section is to send out an event invite to all of your contacts, but for this example, we will stick to the update.

annual fund update note

This is what your note will look like, except it will have your own branding instead of Fayetteville University (this is just used for the sake of demos). 

Note template

Now note that you can change the sender name. This can either be your organization’s name or the actual name of the person who is sending the note. Also note that you can insert merge fields (first name, last name, and salutations). Just click the down arrow next to merge field. 

change sender and message

This is what it will look like once you enter the merge field. We also changed the messaging to coincide with the note title being “annual fund update.” You can also see the preview on the right as you build out each section.

merge field and preview

Now for the videos section which is the star of the show! You have a few options here, which you can view by clicking the drop-down arrow. You can either record a video directly from your webcam, you can search existing videos that are already on your video assets page, you can upload a file from your computer, or else you can request a new video from someone by sharing the link, sending them an email, or sending them a text message. The video request option is a great way to get thank you videos and testimonials from clients, your leadership team, board members, and those you serve. Learn how to request videos for more information.

video section

Once you add a video, it will show you the preview on the right. You can add multiple videos here if you wish to do so. Imagine you are updating all annual fund donors on the impact of their donation. You could send a video from your president, a student, or anyone that has been impacted by your organization. Use the request new video function to get the video from one of your team members or client. 

You could then add another video that is more highly produced that helps showcase your organization. This video can be uploaded as a new file, or added from your existing videos if it has already been uploaded to Gratavid previously. 

adding video

The next section is the send to section. This is where you are going to choose who to send the note to. We are going to choose the “Annual Fund Donors” list to send this note to the 98 contacts we uploaded in the contact section.

send to

This is what it will look like once you choose who to send the note to. Make sure send email to 98 people is checked.

send to completed

The next section is the call to action buttons. You can add as many as you would like, but we don’t suggest adding more than 2 or 3. This section is great to add a link to RSVP for an event, a link to read a recent blog post or a link to a form. 


The next section is branding. This will be set up with your logo, and your colors to start with, but note that it can be changed. You can change the colors, as well as make the background an image instead of plain colors. This is great when you are running a campaign and want to change things up.


Moving down to the next section, you can change the email settings and subject line if you wish to do so. You can also change where it is being sent from. It defaults to if you don't have branded domains. If you do have branded domains, it will default to hello@ your domain name. You can change the hello to thanks, or thank you, etc. if you wish to do so.

Here is the default hello.

subject line default

Here is the new verbiage with the word thanks instead.

thanks - new messaging

You can also change the reply settings to disable replies or allow video replies. Just check the box you would like to.

reply settings

For the resend section, you can choose to automatically resend the note if not opened in a certain amount of time. We suggest 3 days, but you can choose how many you would like by choosing the drop-down arrow located next to the word “days”.


And lastly, you can change the share settings for people to share the video on social media.


Once you have it complete, you can preview the note to make sure everything looks good.

 preview 2

Once you preview it, you will see what it will look like for your constituents when they receive it. It will have your branding, your messaging, your video(s), your CTA buttons, and the name from which you choose to send it.

note preview w/ arrows

Here is a better screenshot with no arrows to actually show you what it will look like.

note preview w/o arrows

Before sending it out to everyone, you can test send it to yourself or another co-worker to ensure everything is all set.

test send
send test fill in name

Once you have approved the test send, you have a couple of options on how you want to send it to all of the recipients. You can either send it out right away, or else you can choose to schedule it for a different time by clicking the down arrow next to send now.

send options

Tada! That’s how it’s done. Now your constituents will receive them in their email inboxes. If you want to send a personalized video to one person, then check out Your First One-to-One Gratavid Campaign.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions.

You can also access our help desk by clicking here. Our help desk has other help guide videos as well as frequently asked questions. Here’s to keeping our donors updated and connected to our organizations!

Brittany Nardi
Customer Success Coordinator @ Gratavid
Brittany serves as the Customer Success Coordinator at Gratavid. Growing up in a small town surrounded by Mom and Pops, she understands the importance of supporting small businesses. As an extrovert, she thrives on communicating and cultivating relationships with others. She previously served as a Marketing Assistant for Invent@NMU, where she helped companies and nonprofits launch and succeed. Brittany is our platform guru.
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