12 Ways to Re-engage Lapsed Church Members With Personalized Video

Help retain members through personalized videos

Brittany Nardi
August 16, 2021 · 4 min read
12 Ways to Re-engage Lapsed Church Members With Personalized Video

Lapsed church members are the scariest thing to ever happen to modern churches. Why? Because getting them back isn’t always easy. Churchleadership.org states that every year 2.7 million church members fall into inactivity. 2.7 million! That number is terrifying, especially when you feel like you have tried everything under the sun and are still seeing a decline. But have you tried sending personalized videos? If not, now's the time to try! Video is taking the internet by storm, and personalized video is a unique way you can speak directly to your members. 

By utilizing a tool like Gratavid, you can automate your process without automating your relationships. Building back those relationships is the key to getting members to re-engage.

Here are 12 ways to re-engage your lapsed church members.

1. Thank you videos

It’s the little things that add up that have a huge impact on new followers and new members. The labors of love that we share for people we haven't seen in a while hoping they find their way back to our lives. Thank you videos are an excellent way to re-engage lapsed church members with personalized and useful content. This is especially helpful when it comes to building a relationship with someone who has left your church and is looking for reasons to come back. 

Show people you care by mentioning their name, family, and any other personal information you might have. Ask how they are doing, if they have any prayer requests, share an update on the church and your vision for the future. 

2. Testimonials

A video testimonial can bring a lifelong member back into your fold and is a powerful tool for building credibility and trustworthiness. Add 3-5 testimonials in a Gratavid to send out to the entire congregation. Hearing the stories of others who have been members of the church for some time may spark their interest to resume back to church.

3. Disciple anniversaries

What better way to remember a big day than with video? Send out a “happy anniversary” video to your members as they reach their confirmation anniversary, their child's confirmation anniversary, the anniversary of their first visit, or the anniversary of their baptism or their child's baptism. A personalized video shows you taking time out of your day and truly care about them. 

4. Ask for opinions

Send a video asking them for their opinions on things. This is a great way to ensure you are putting the needs of your congregation first. Plus, it makes them feel like part of the church, which is what every member wants to feel. 

"The more you ask their opinions, the more they are going to feel like part of the church." - Rainer on Leadership Podcast

With Gratavid, the members can reply directly to the video which then transfers over to a private conversation in email. Only the person who sent the video and the person who replies are able to see it. Ask for opinions on the service, the facilities, the best times to attend, etc.

5. Send invites to youth activities

Use Gratavid to send out a video sharing youth events happening during the week. Whether you are hosting pizza and movie night, game night, or bible study night, engaging with Gen Z and Generation Alpha is crucial to the growth of the church. Plus, with Gratavid you can opt-in to the text feature… we all know kids and phones these days ;)

6. Offer motive to return

You could host a giveaway or “back to church” event around the start of the school year. Send a video inviting the entire family and tell them that you hope to see them soon! Things like this get the families excited. 

7. Volunteer opportunities

“If you can get people involved, especially with anything in the facility, you will find that you will bring them back.” - Rainer on Leadership Podcast

Use Gratavid to send out service requests. Ask people if they are willing to volunteer to help paint the church, garden, or serve at the soup kitchen, etc. Inviting people in and showing that you want their help makes them feel appreciated and wanted. Knowing they will make an impact is encouraging.

8. Offer flexible service times 

The church needs to respond to the fact that people's lives are not static. If someone has stopped attending, they need to feel welcome and wanted to return. That may mean helping them find something more convenient, or at a time they can attend. Send a Gratavid letting them know what options and opportunities are available. Having multiple options available may help the likelihood of people returning. Flexibility is key!

9. Create a digital group

Create a digital group where everyone can meet on Zoom or Google Hangouts at a certain time each week. This helps people who may have crazy work schedules, or aren’t comfortable attending in-person after the pandemic. Also, you can make it a closed group, where you have a set number of weeks that you will meet to go over something, whether that is the New Testament, the Old Testament, the entire Bible, or certain Psalms and scriptures. People are more likely to stick to something when they know how long it is going to last. Use Gratavid to send out weekly reminders as well as give an overview of what the topic will be on for that night!

Rainer on Leadership Podcast shared, “one of the ways you can get people back is through digital groups making it a great way to reach people who are currently not there. Groups are still in many ways the core of the church.”

10. Host events

Events are opportunities for members to be re-engaged with the Gospel. Hosting fun events gets the entire family involved. Use Gratavid to send out reminders, behind the scenes, location information, time and date, as well as what they can expect at the event. 

11. Share Sunday highlights

Utilize Gratavid to send the Sunday message. By sending a message that may resonate with how they are feeling, they may be more likely to want to re-engage. People are always looking for someone or something to relate to. Let them know they aren’t alone. 

People who have lapsed may be going through a tough time in their lives, whether that is physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, or personally. Choose a scripture that speaks to the specific difficulty the person is going through.

12. Place of community

By using video, you can show people that your church is more than a building. You can show people the strength of community. Take videos during the Sunday service, during Bible study night, or at youth events. If you want your church to be an active and engaging community, it's important for members and visitors to feel comfortable there.

Final thoughts

We hope you found these 12 tips helpful! Through a little faith, devotion, and persistence, we can help grow new relationships and nurture old ones. We are always happy to answer questions about how our software can help your church, so please feel free to reach out at any time! 

Brittany Nardi
Customer Success Coordinator @ Gratavid
Brittany serves as the Customer Success Coordinator at Gratavid. Growing up in a small town surrounded by Mom and Pops, she understands the importance of supporting small businesses. As an extrovert, she thrives on communicating and cultivating relationships with others. She previously served as a Marketing Assistant for Invent@NMU, where she helped companies and nonprofits launch and succeed. Brittany is our platform guru.
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