Announcing The Gratavid iOS & Android App!

How to maximize the Gratavid app

Will Trapp
September 17, 2021 · 3 min read
Announcing The Gratavid iOS & Android App!

Today we are excited to announce the Gratavid app is live on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Why the app?

1) Simple is key

We hear it all the time, “Gratavid is amazing, but we have a few people on our team that don’t know where to start.”

We get it. People are busy. New tech can be intimidating and everyone on the team is not always willing to learn a new tool. On top of that, some people just aren’t tech-savvy.

Luckily, this is exactly why we built the Gratavid app. The app is the most simplified version of Gratavid we could imagine.

It’s designed to easily send personalized videos and manage your Gratavid tasks quickly.

It's not designed to setup templates, manage integrations, or perform bulk actions. These advanced actions are completed by your Gratavid experts on the web version of Gratavid.

2) Team collaboration

The Gratavid task list is designed with team collaboration in mind. Have 100 personalized videos to record? Upload your list and assign a few videos to everyone on the team.

Now simply tell the team to download the Gratavid app and complete their tasks. You can even click the “Notify” button to notify everyone that has a task assigned to them.

Stewardship is the responsibility of everyone. Thanks to Gratavid, it's never been easier to make this a reality.

3) Convenience for on the go videos

Gratavids’ mission is to make your communication more human. Our data shows constituents don’t respond to the fancy high-produced videos; they respond to authentic videos recorded directly from your smartphone or webcam.

We equate these raw and authentic videos to the handwritten chicken scratch on a thank you card. It's not the most perfect video in the world, but your constituents know you are taking time out of your day to think about them. That's what matters.

The Gratavid app makes it even more convenient to record authentic videos on the go. Walking around campus? Send a Gratavid. Delivering supplies to a local shelter? Send a Gratavid.

It’s never been easier to bring your constituents to the scene and create authentic videos.

4) Integrations

It’s magic when you’ve set up the Gratavid integrations and your team has downloaded the Gratavid app. Why? Because of notifications.

Your team doesn’t have to remember to check Gratavid. They simply go on living their normal life and Gratavid will notify them when it’s time to record a personalized video.

Here are 3 examples of the notifications your team might receive:

Gratavid app notifications screenshot

Hidden features

1) Import from phone contacts

You can easily import contacts directly from your phone to send them a personalized video via email and text.

Hidden app features - import contacts from phone

2) Teleprompter (iOS only)

If the app is download on your phone and you click a video request link, the request will automatically open in the app (no sign-in required). You can then click on the expand directions button to overlay your directions as you record your video.

Gratavid app teleprompter screenshots

Closing thoughts

To maximize your teams' effort with the app you should:

1) Make sure your team has downloaded the app

2) Set up your Gratavid integrations

3) Follow the steps under Your First One-to-One Gratavid Campaign to create some tasks, assign them to your team, and then click "Notify" to send everyone a notification on their Gratavid app

THANK YOU to all of our beta testers for your ideas and inspiration. We couldn't have done it without you.

Will Trapp
Founder & CEO @ Gratavid
Will Trapp is the founder and CEO of Gratavid. Gratavid is a software platform for collecting and sharing personalized videos.
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Gratavid truly helped us reimagine the connections we make between our school community and the donors who make it all possible.

Eshon Allen
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Gratavid has helped take our stewardship to a new level. I can not express enough how much I love this platform.

Ole Miss Foundation
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Ole Miss Foundation
Kerri Naber

Our donors are so thankful to receive Gratavids because it communicates that they are a big part of our mission. A personalized video makes them feel valued and seen.

Mercy Multiplied
Kerri Naber
Mercy Multiplied
Zack Huffman

Gratavid is a game changer. Since starting I’ve used it every day.

Teach For America
Zack Huffman
Teach For America
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