10 Creative Ways to Thank a New Member for Joining Your Church

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Brittany Nardi
August 16, 2021 · 4 min read
10 Creative Ways to Thank a New Member for Joining Your Church

When prospective members join your church, it’s a joyous occasion for everyone. However, that joy can be short-lived if that person or family fails to make a second visit. 

It’s critical to follow up and personally thank people for their visit. This family or person has likely experienced something in their life that brought them back to church. While they are unlikely to reveal their feelings in person, a personalized thank you video is a great way to convey your compassion and start a dialog without putting them on the spot.

Here are 10 creative ways to connect on a personal level with new members.

1. Thank you video from the Pastor

The first time someone joins your church, it's very important to make the person feel welcome. To accomplish this, send a message from the Pastor thanking the new member for joining.

2. Offer to pray for them

A great way to say thank you and show that you care is to offer them up in prayer. Send them a personalized video asking how you can pray for them. If they just started attending church, they may have some physical, emotional, spiritual, personal, or financial needs that need to be addressed. 

Rainer on Leadership Podcast shared that they did a prayer campaign where we called on people and asked how they could pray for them. Every week they ask for specific prayer requests from the church and have the whole team lift them up in prayer.

“We found that it is a key way to keep engaging people. It’s so important to connect through prayer.” - Rainer on Leadership Podcast

3. Thank you video from the team

If you want to make someone feel warm and welcome in your church, have multiple people from the team personally welcome them.

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Video Ideas: 

  • Add the personalized video from the Pastor first

  • Everyone dresses up in a silly costume to add some humor

  • Sing them a worship song

  • Write a welcome poem

  • “Toss the ball” Have someone welcome them and then toss the ball and the next person in the series of videos catches it and so on. Click here for an example.

Get creative and have fun with it!

4. Check your mailbox

Send a personalized video telling them to check their mailbox. Send them some swag, whether that’s tee-shirts, prayer books, mugs/water bottles, the list is endless! This is a fun and interactive way to welcome new members and help them feel involved with the church.

5. People in the church thanking them

Send a video with members of the church thanking and welcoming them to the congregation. Again, this makes people feel like they are part of a community. This also helps to grow relationships and friendships within your church.

6. Testimonials

Testimonials are always a great way to showcase the church from the inside out. Here you could start with more personalized videos (either from the Pastor, the leadership team, or members of the congregation) and then add testimonials after. Hands down, the best Gratavid strategy is to start with personalized videos and end with more generic videos.

7. Showing the impact

Send a Gratavid that shows how much you appreciate their commitment and impact on the church. Make it about them, because without them, it wouldn’t be possible. With around 65% of people being visual learners, actually showing people what is accomplished from their giving (of both time and money) can help tremendously. 

8. Ask for Opinions

Send a video asking them for their opinions on things. This is a great way to ensure you are putting the needs of your congregation first. Plus, it makes them feel like part of the church, which is what every new member wants to feel. 

“The more you ask their opinions, the more they are going to feel like part of the church.” - Rainer on Leadership Podcast

With Gratavid, the members can reply directly to the video which then transfers over to a private conversation in email. Only the person who sent the video and the person who replies are able to see it. Ask for opinions on the service, the facilities, the best times to attend, etc.

9. Invite to new member dinner

Send a Gratavid to invite all new members to the church for a free dinner with their families. You could have a cookout during the summer, and a potluck or soup kitchen during the winter months. Offer games for the children to play while the parents mingle with other families. You could also take videos at the event to send out in a Gratavid afterward thanking them for attending. 

10. Adding their name to a giveaway

Send a video of you placing their name on a card into a giveaway drawing. The giveaway doesn’t have to be anything crazy, just something small, but meaningful. It’s always fun to get the luck of the draw, right? This is just a little act of kindness to show your appreciation!

Are you ready to start thanking?

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